Terms and Conditions

1. Maximum 20 kgs of passenger baggage will be allowed per tourists. Above 20 kg will be charged.
2. The ticket is not transferable. Baggages are carried at passenger's risk.
3. The company shall refund the amount accordingly in case of cancellation of a particular service due to un avoidable circumstances or due to any other reason ,it alsodoes not hold any responsibility for making any alternative arrangement but we will try our best
4. Any difference in the rate should be paid at the time of departure
5. Contraband articles are not permitted to carry in the coach, if carried and detected the passenger shall be left over at check post
6. Our jurisdiction alluvia court only
7. The cancellation refund will be provided as a cash coupon with an expiry time of one year. You can use this cash coupon anytime with in that one year to do any further bookings.
8. Cash coupon may be redeemed as a refund to your respective Credit/Debit Card account with in 30 days of the ticket cancellation. The amount will be credited in your account with in 3 to 6 working days after the refund initiation. The refund cash coupon amount would carry a Payment Gateway transaction charge of 5%.

No Cancellation is permitted for package trips &special services

  • Less than 24 hours from the station departure time: 100 % Cancellation Charges
  • Between 1 to 2 days before station departure time: 50 % Cancellation Charges
  • Between 2 to 7 days before station departure time: 20 % Cancellation Charges
  • Between 7 to 30 days before station departure time: 10 % Cancellation Charges